Using Blackboard to support team-based learning – delivery and rollout

I will be giving a presentation on using Blackboard to support team-based learning at the Blackboard Teaching and Learning Conference in Liverpool (15-17th April 2015). The session is in the Central Teaching Hub, Lecture theatre C on Wednesday 15th April at 16:25–17:10.

Team-based learning (TBL) is a teaching and learning technique that is being used increasingly in professional and higher education. The approach is structured, involving pre-study by students, quizzing to assess understanding, and peer-to-peer learning via team and class discussion. It is also scalable – a single member of teaching staff can run a highly interactive learning session for a large class – and usually forms part of the summative assessment for the course.

This session will provide a brief introduction to the TBL process and describe how delivery of TBL can be supported by the use of learning technology, in particular Blackboard Learn tools. In fact, the presentation could be subtitled “How many Blackboard tools can be used in a single learning activity?”!

Finally, I will describe how a generic course package can be prepared, including all elements of the learning design of a TBL session, for easy redeployment in other Blackboard courses. The course package not only captures the technical elements of the session, but also elements of pedagogy and best practice.

For more information on TBL see and

Learning outcomes
By the end of the session attendees should be able to:

  • Describe the key features of team-based learning (TBL)
  • Explain how learning technology, in particular Blackboard Learn tools, can be used to support the delivery of TBL
  • Identify which tools and technologies would be most appropriate to support TBL delivery in their own organisation
  • Set up a reusable course package in Blackboard that captures all the elements of learning design for a particular learning activity

Slides are here: Team-based learning with Blackboard presentation.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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