Navigating #DALMOOC – all at sea

In the discussion forums on the #DALMOOC course, George Siemens (one of the course organisers) urges learners to create artifacts, draw or create “a concept map of the course technologies in order to make sense of (wayfind through) the course.”

So, here is my word picture of trying to wayfind and sensemake in #DALMOOC.

On the blue layer I am sitting alone in a small rowing boat with no paddle, while automated-Carolyn shouts through a loud hailer – “Time to move on”.

On the red layer I am again sitting alone in a small rowing boat, but this time overwhelmed and weighed down by many fantastical Heath-Robinson-style tools of unclear purpose.

I understand the value of finding my own way through the course content, making my own connections, building my own learning space, but I fail to see the benefit of an obscure course structure that impacts on my time available for learning.

Thankfully the course team are now beginning to provide a few more signposts. (Signposts at sea? – I may be getting my metaphors crossed.)


5 thoughts on “Navigating #DALMOOC – all at sea

    • Thanks, Chris. I see you are doing a fantastic collation job on #DALMOOC as I think you also did on the ocTEL mooc in the summer. (The storify and links from yesterday, for example – I’ve favourited but not yet viewed.)

      • In my head I am reflecting but certainly vocalising or typing reflections is uncomfortable. I wonder why we think it’ll be easy for our students or why accreditation of teaching is so wedded to the notion that reflection is good! (If I had time I should read the literature I suppose.)

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