Week 1 of #DALMOOC disappoints

I just started on a new MOOC – LINK5.10x Data, Analytics, and Learning or #DALMOOC.

This is a subject that I am interested to know more about and I am also intrigued by the way the course has been designed – with an innovative dual-layer structure, combining aspects of xMOOC and cMOOC.

I was full of anticipation before starting, but so far I have found #DALMOOC very disappointing.

This week has been all about the plethora of new tools that will be used on the course, but why will I use these tools?

First catch your learner
One week in and I’m not hooked. I haven’t been inspired by examples of what analytics will do for me or my learners.

The content to date is minimal, which might be ok, but the structure and direction is minimal too. I can construct my own learning, but I was hoping for some foundation.

The learning tools and design seem to have been given more attention than the actual content, focusing on how the students will learn rather than what they will learn. I have never felt more like a guinea pig.

Is my role in this course simply to provide data for the organisers’ next research paper?


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