YouTube Automatic Captioning

Did you know about the automatic captioning facility on YouTube?

This is described on the YouTube help pages as follows:

Even if you haven’t added captions to your video, YouTube may use speech recognition technology to automatically make captions available.

Sounds good!


Since these are automatically generated, the quality of the captions may vary from video to video. As the video owner, you can always edit the captions to improve accuracy, or remove them from your video if you do not want them to be available for your viewers.


Here’s an example from the recent ocTEL webinar on assessment and feedback. (Click on the image to see the detail of the captions.)


Assessment: Poor.
Feedback: The automatic speech recognition requires more work.


3 thoughts on “YouTube Automatic Captioning

  1. Sheila – I don’t like the way that Google/YouTube adds the captions automatically, especially when they’re so poor. It would be better if they made them available to the uploader, who could edit/delete/make them available as they wish.

    Rose – I had to turn the captions off when viewing the video – they were too amusing and distracting.

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